The rise of shared office spaces and sustainable freelancer lifestyles gave way to the development of a myriad of productivity apps. Having to work remotely or not always being in the same office space encouraged teams to find solutions that would give them the ability to stay in touch, align with projects, and keep themselves productive despite the lack of a designated or formal workspace.

These days, however, it isn’t just the freelancers, co-workers, and start-up entrepreneurs using the apps. Teams in larger companies have also turned to these apps as a way to manage their teams, monitor the workflow, and meet goals. With more and more users, however, there are more and more to choose from, and that can get confusing.  The list below shows eight great apps that will help boost productivity and keep teams on track!

A virtual bulletin board, with tasks, to-dos, and file sharing options! Trello is great for those who have a small workspace or have a shared office space because an actual/physical bulletin board is not needed. Tasks and announcements can be archived so as to retrieve data on old projects while providing an extra data room for files.

One of the most popular CRMs and often used by larger companies that have to manage big databases or multiple sales accounts, Zoho is becoming increasingly popular for its latest features, such as automated email blasts, the ability to embed forms on websites, and more!

An amazing way for project managers to stay on top of multiple projects and keep productivity up. Asana allows PMs to assign tasks, set deadlines (teams are given email reminders), and allow for team coordination with its file sharing and chat features.

Those who value a quiet office space will value Slack! Often used for its chat features, and the fact that it can create chats between companies and teams, Slack takes coordination and virtual meetings to a more convenient and effective level.

Social media managers are grateful for Hootsuite every day of their lives. This social-media-scheduling app allows managers or teams to schedule posts months in advance, freeing up their time to do other tasks.

Anyone who works in a co-working space in Manila will know the challenges of having to print and provide hard copies of documents. HelloSign makes that easier by giving those who work remotely the ability to sign and monitor the most important documents without having to print them. That makes it pretty earth friendly too!

Google Drive
One of the most used apps (since pretty much everyone has a Gmail account), Google drive is one of the best data rooms available to teams. Shared drives, the ability to edit the same file while tracking changes, and more, it’s sometimes the virtual equivalent to having the same desktop.

Dropbox Paper
Real-time collaboration on the same document can happen on Dropbox Paper. Insert files, excel sheets, schedules, timelines, and more! Of course, assignments and deadlines are included. Perfect for project management, team meetings, and keeping organised.
True to its name, this app is making those Monday blues just a little easier. Designed to help teams collaborate and for team leaders to ensure productivity and proper work flow, helps both the team and those managing them track projects quickly and efficiently.

Plenty of those who use co-working spaces in Manila use these apps or others. Often, the final productivity app use will depend on the team personality or the company management. Some companies prefer something more relaxed and hip, while others would like something more formal. Researching and testing out each one is usually the best way to determine which will be the most effective for a team.