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At the study, there’s a lot to learn.
Enderun Tutorial & Language Center

A student is someone who holds a desire to learn, and at any stage in one’s life, they can be a student. Here at The Study, we have everything a student wants to learn – from academic tutorials, to business training, to lifestyle seminars and so much more!
The Study serves as a medium for students who seek to learn something new or to master their language skills by combining theoretical and practical experience in unique ways. We strive to open doors and start chapters in learning by serving as a faction for enthusiastic learners who look for personal or professional development.
Those who engage in our programs are exposed to diverse opportunities. Not only do they get to learn in a values-rich environment, but they are also invited to various non-academic workshops and social nights prepared by Enderun Extension.
After engaging in our classes, the students are expected to become productive, efficient, and concrete members of their respective fields. They shall also be able to express their ideas clearly with confidence when participating in social or academic affairs. Altogether, they will be active listeners, creative writers, eloquent speakers and enthusiastic learners.

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