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S.A.M. – Singapore Math

Singapore Math Tutorial Manila with Seriously Addictive Mathematics (SAM)

Give your child the Singapore Math advantage through Seriously Addictive Mathematics (SAM)! Awarded “Best In Mathematics” by Parents World Singapore, SAM is now offering Singapore Math Tutorial in Manila. SAM’s comprehensive math program can complement any school’s syllabus or be a child’s primary math curriculum.

What They’ll Learn

  • Mathematics based on the Singapore curriculum, one of the most successful national programs in the world since 1995 (Trends in Math & Science Study Survey)
  • Critical, metacognitive, heuristic thinking skills
  • Simple and complex problem solving
  • Love for self-learning
  • Disciplined study habits

How They’ll Learn

  • Guided group learning in a classroom with certified SAM teachers
  • Self-study at home with 30,000 daily worksheets

New Student “Step Up” Program

All new students will be integrated into the currently running class through a Step Up Program, designed to assess each child’s current math abilities and get them up to speed. SAM Teachers are trained to be sensitive to every child’s unique mathematics aptitude and adjust their teaching style and pace accordingly.

Where We’re Located

The Study offers Singapore Math tutorial in Manila at our two campuses:

The Study

Enderun Extension

Enroll Your Child

SAM is offered on a monthly subscription basis and is priced based on the current grade level of your child.

Per session: 1.5 hours long.
Age range: 3.5-12 years old

Monthly Fees
Pre-primary Students PHP 3,500 monthly fee
Lower Primary Students PHP 3,500 monthly fee
Upper Primary Students PHP 3,700 monthly fee
Registration Fee: PHP 900

Fill up the form below and a representative will get in touch with you in the next 24 hours to walk you through the enrollment process.