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Teaching Methodology

Engage | TLC aims to motivate the learner to develop his communication skills and achieve his lifelong goals. A student typically starts as a receptive learner. Thus, he will be encouraged to enhance his strengths in reading and listening through the online software provided for independent learning. The software contains highly engaging videos, short conversations, reading passages and vocabulary exercises that will allow the student to explore the language on his own as he absorbs new information.

Study | After students complete 1 unit with several multi-media lessons, they shall be entitled to attend their one-on-one class and interact with their teacher. In this phase, they shall learn the structures, rules and functionalities of the language through a face-to- face encounter. They shall also get to validate what they have accomplished in the “engage” stage while exchanging ideas with their peers and their teacher. Most importantly, they shall start producing substantial communicative output and the teacher will be there to guide them through the process.

Activate | In this stage, the students shall be given ample opportunities to put the language into use. Authentic and functional tasks shall be assigned so that the students will develop confidence in applying their skills. Once they truly appreciate the value of the four integrated skills, they will be able to receive and produce information more effectively.


Guided Discovery Approach

TLC adapts this inductive approach in imparting knowledge and skills to its students. Activities and tasks are mostly learner-centered and autonomous. Students are given more opportunities to discover how the language rules are relevant or useful to their lives; thus, they may better understand the specific conventions governing the language after initially experimenting with it. Because students most often participate in the learning process, their critical-thinking, cognitive and problem-solving skills are honed. Students who complete TLC’s language programs are certainly set towards empowerment and self-reliance.