So you’ve decided to try co-working. You get to the office space, and now you’re not sure what to do. Who are all these cool looking millennials? Who are the people in corporate? Why are there colours and art everywhere? Can you read those comic books?

If you’ve never used a shared office space before, you might not be sure what to expect. In order to make sure you are workspace savvy, we decided to put together a quick guide on what to expect and what you can do!

  1. You can play!
    Yes, you can read those comics–and more! Every office space develops its distinct character or personality. Often you will see it in the decor, the books available for reading, the little activities and games set up for work breaks, etc. Enjoy the amenities! They’re a good way to both de-stress and make friends.
  2. You can talk!
    Co-working spaces in Manila and the world encourage their co-workers to network, collaborate, and attend their in-house events. Co-working isn’t meant to be like studying or working in a library, and while you are encouraged to be respectful of the workers–don’t interrupt anyone who is obviously working–you are also encouraged to socialise productively.
  3. There will be coffee!
    Many office spaces will have free flowing coffee. Others may charge, but a very minimal amount. Being generous with java is a mark of the co-workers world. Take advantage of this, not just for the caffeine boost, but also to meet new people and start conversations. Apart from coffee, other spaces let their co-workers drink or even have a happy hour come 6pm!
  4. There will be parties!
    All co-working spaces will host events regularly. This is one way the space gets to build a loyal community that will continue to work there and collaborate with each other. Attend the events, meet the people the space invites, and join the activities. If you are a freelancer or a start-up, this is one of the best ways to get more work!

Keep in mind that every shared office space will have different rules here and there, but most of what we listed will be true! Make the most out of the co-working spaces in Manila and try each one out until you find the one that suits both your personality and work-style best. The Study gives free workspace trials every week for those who want to test the waters and get a feel of the space. Click here to learn more.