Math usually isn’t a child’s favorite subject, but no one can deny how mathematics plays a large role in everyday life. Fortunately, most children are able to get the hang of math by paying attention in class and through repetition. However, there are times when children will struggle understanding certain concepts with just their regular classes and self-study. In cases like these, signing your child up for math lessons with a tutor may be necessary.

How exactly do you know if your child needs help from a private math tutor? There are a few telltale signs that your child is struggling with math. These signs often include:

Your Child Spends Too Much Time Completing Homework

Most parents will have a good idea of how long it usually takes their child to complete any math homework given. If your child is struggling with their lessons, you may begin to notice that it takes them relatively longer to complete their homework. When this happens, try sitting down with your child and going through the homework together to help you gauge where exactly your child is struggling. This will make it easier for your child’s future tutor since he or she will know where to start.

Your Child is Hiding Test Results

It’s natural for children to show off good grades to their parents. Of course, the opposite is true. Poor results on a test may lead to your child hiding the results from you because they don’t want to disappoint you. This is especially true if most of the other kids in the class seem to understand the lessons just fine. If your child has been hiding poor test scores, this is the time to be as understanding as possible. Reassure your child that it’s ok as long as your child gave it his or her best shot.

Your Child is Exhibiting Anxiety When It’s Time to Go to School

Children struggling with their math lessons may feel embarrassed, which may lead to them feeling anxious to go to school or show up for math class. If not addressed early, this may make some children pretend to be sick just to avoid going to school or to frequent the nurse’s office during math period.

As soon as you spot those signs, it’s important that you get your child the help he or she needs as soon as possible. Working with a math tutor will help reduce your child’s frustration and prevent any loss of self-confidence. On top of this, tutors from a respected tutorial center, like The Study, will also be able to teach your child an appreciation for mathematics, making learning future lessons in school a breeze.