As the concept of a shared economy grows, so comes the rise of shared spaces, most popularly shared office space, or what is commonly referred to as co-working spaces. Manila has seen a boom of these workspaces in the past five years, with every central business district and even residential areas having more than one to offer. This can make it difficult to choose the one that best suits a person’s workflow and needs. So for both first timers and seasoned co-workers, The Study has put together a quick list of co-working must haves!

  1. Accessible / Central
    One of the biggest appeals of co-working spaces in Manila is that it gives freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small-to-medium business owners a designated place to work that is accessible to their team, giving them freedom to choose the area in which they want to work. That is why accessibility is so important to shared office spaces as well as it being central to other institutions like banks.
  2. Quiet Meeting Rooms
    A common workspace is fun, but privacy is also often needed in business. A co-working space needs quiet meeting rooms or private rooms for co-workers to be able to discuss projects and business matter confidentially.
  3. Common Spaces
    Everyone dreams of having an office space like Google, and co-working can offer that faster than any big business can. Characteristic of co-working spaces are areas with couches, lounge chairs, board games, books to borrow, and even a bar!
  4. Great WiFi
    At the end of it all, work is work, and these days that doesn’t happen without great WiFi. For most co-working places to thrive, their connection to the web needs to be spot on!
  5. Office Machines
    Spaces that offer other office services at no additional cost are now also a must. Even though many companies are trying to go paperless, printers and scanners are still a need in many business operations.
  6. Kitchenette
    Coffee. Need anyone say more? Well, yes, actually. A microwave and a toaster to heat packed lunch, a refrigerator to keep it in, or maybe even an attendant who can assist. A good shared office space need kitchenettes to keep their workers happy, and that really goes beyond the coffee machine.
  7. Community
    With many co-working spaces it isn’t just about the workspace, but also the community that works there. Unlike the other must-haves listed, this one is very subjective to the worker or business. Some co-working spaces cultivate tech communities, others art, and others a mix. It all depends what works best for those working.
  8. A Good Community Manager
    Communities are built by community managers, the head honchos of the co-working space. The silent heroes that keep coffee pots hot, printers running, and WiFi companies in check, while arranging weekly or nightly events that help make sure co-workers meet, collaborate, or just have a good time in the space. A good community manager is worth a whole office space because they make or break it.

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