“Working wherever and whenever I want” is one of the top benefits of becoming an entrepreneur. In most cases, this means working from the comfort of home. Although working from home every now and then can be great, doing so everyday can pose problems in terms of productivity and stress management. This is one of the reasons why co-working spaces in Manila have been gaining popularity.

Co-working spaces are essentially a shared office space. You take up a table or desk within that space and you accomplish your tasks as normal. It sounds so simple, but why would anyone ever choose to co-work instead of work at home? It’s because there are four distinct advantages people who co-work enjoy, including:

Increased Productivity

Let’s face it: it’s easy to be distracted when you’re at home, from turning on the TV to finishing household chores. Needless to say, regularly getting up to do something else really kills productivity. In co-working spaces, you are removed from many of the potential distractions you face at home. Thanks to this, 68 percent of people who co-work claim they are able to focus on tasks better and 64 percent of coworkers complete their tasks on time.

Build a Professional Network

One of the unique advantages of working in a shared office space is being able to interact with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs. It is no secret that who you know goes a long way in running a successful business. Co-working allows you to meet and collaborate with people from various backgrounds, positions, and industries, helping you build a strong and reliable professional network. Many people meet future business partners, service providers, and suppliers in co-working offices.

Take Advantage of a Mentorship Program

Some co-working spaces in Manila, like The Study, offer mentorship programs to those who use the shared workspace. This is a great opportunity for startups to learn from people who have experienced what they are currently going through, as well as avoid any pitfalls along the way. How impactful can mentorship be? 92 percent of small business owners claim their mentors had a direct impact on the rapid growth in profitability of their business within the first two years.

Stay Relaxed at Home

Your home should be a space for rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, working at home on a daily basis conditions your mind that whenever you’re at home, there’s work to be done. It’s similar to how many people find it difficult to sleep quickly if they have a habit of doing other tasks while on their beds. Co-working solves this issue by helping you draw a clear line between work and your home. In fact, 60% of coworkers report feeling more relaxed at home since they’ve started co-working.