Many industries have a set of certifications designed to help professionals develop specific skills and gain specific knowledge that help them elevate their respective careers. These skills are often beyond what most people learn in college and the work experience they acquire from their jobs. The culinary industry is no different. There are many certifications young chefs can acquire, but one of the more prominent ones are the certifications offered by ServSafe.

ServSafe is a series of certifications from the U.S. National Restaurant Association. Despite their location, ServSafe is recognized worldwide. Most of the certifications revolve around occupational and food safety–but what exactly does that mean for you as a young chef? What are the advantages of earning ServSafe certification? Here are a few reasons why you should consider becoming certified:

Stand Out from Other Applicants

As with other forms of professional certificates, holding a ServSafe certification helps you stand out from other applicants for the same job. Certification is a big deal since it shows potential employers how serious you are about your career and becoming better. That goes a long way in the minds of most hiring managers, giving you a distinct advantage over non-certified applicants.

More Job Opportunities Here and Abroad

Many restaurant owners look for kitchen staff who already have their ServSafe certificates. This is usually because it means the restaurant doesn’t need to allocate a budget for ServSafe classes. This makes certified professionals a hot commodity, opening many opportunities for you if you would like to move to a different job. This isn’t limited to jobs here in the Philippines. Since Servsafe is internationally recognized, certified professionals have a better chance of securing career opportunities abroad.

Sideline as an Instructor or Proctor

After you’ve passed the ServSafe exam and earned your certification, you may apply to become a proctor for ServSafe. Proctoring the ServSafe exam is a great way to help you earn a little extra money on the side. Alternatively, you may also sign up to become an instructor for ServSafe classes and train the next set of certified professionals. You can easily sign up for either position on the ServSafe website.

These are only some of the advantages of becoming a ServSafe-certified chef. Overall, becoming certified is well worth the time and effort necessary to acquire the certificate. If you are interested in earning your ServSafe certification, you may want to look at training centers, like The Study, that offer the course.