Summer! The time of year all kids look forward to and many parents find difficult to balance. Having a child at home means having a lot of time, but it also means a lot of idle time. The solution? Enroll them in summer classes and camps!

Summer classes offer children a wide variety of benefits while giving them another avenue to socialize or meet new people, which is a benefit on its own! Being able to interact with children from other schools, different ages, and different backgrounds will enhance both their social skills and sense of respect for others. The advantages do not stop there, of course. For parents that want to make the most of their children’s summer, here is a quick list of dos and don’ts that also dive into the benefits of summer classes for kids:

Do: Involve them in the process. Asking a child what they may be interested in learning is one way to better understand them. Summer programs can give children a chance to open or unlock other aspects of their personality. In Manila, there are a wide range of unconventional camps to choose from for kids of all ages, such as Robotics for Kids.

Don’t: Don’t fall into the summer slip! Some parents believe summer camps for kids are unnecessary because their children just came from months of school and need a break from studying. The truth is that enrolling children in a program ensures that they do not fall into the habit of becoming lazy or lax every summer. While vacations are good, understanding that work can and should still be done will greatly benefit children for years to come. Continuing to ask them to learn and master a skill teaches them hard-work, discipline, which is important to learn at an early age.

Do: Recognize a child’s talents. Plenty of schools offer clubs or after-school activities that children enjoy, but one or two hours every week may not be enough to hone a child’s talent. Immersing them in a program can help them delve deeper into something they are good at and push their limits in a way school clubs may not. One classic example is seen in arts and crafts summer classes. Many of the kids who take them are interested in art, but choosing the right program can really help unlock their inner creativity, and unlock a lifelong skill or passion.

Don’t: Don’t limit it to one class! Summer is long, and there is a lot to learn, with each class providing another unique venue for a child’s growth. Every new class helps a child gain confidence and independence because confidence is built through resilience (having to try and strive towards mastery) and success (mastering the task). When a child is able to succeed in more than one avenue their leadership skills are honed.

Don’t: Don’t overload a child! In line with the previous “don’t,” parents should also be careful not to over-enroll their children. Two classes should be enough to keep a child occupied and gaining all the benefits of summer programs while still having time to enjoy their school break.

Do: Think of the future. Summer classes are meant to be fun, but they can also be a way to ensure children are learning skills that can be useful for a future career. Cooking classes for kids can help a child decide if s/he truly wants to be a chef while also laying the groundwork for skills they need. If a child is not yet sure about what their future may be, language courses for kids are the best choice. No one has ever been disadvantaged by speaking more than one language!

There are plenty of summer programs in Manila for parents and children to choose from. Schools like The Study offer a wide range of summer classes for kids, which allow siblings of different ages and interests to enroll in the same school. From arts and summer classes, cooking classes for kids, summer camps for kids that feature STEM classes (Robotics for Kids is one of The Study’s most popular classes), to language courses for kids, there is a lot to choose from! Explore The Study’s STEAM Camp options, now available year-round!