The say that every day is an opportunity to learn something new. There are always new skills and hobbies that are worth getting into, regardless of our age and background. Whether you are interested in finding an activity you and your special someone can enjoy together or you are simply looking for something new to do in your spare time, here are three hobbies you’ll probably want to look into:


In the social media-run world that we live in today, being able to take stunning and well-thought-out photos is a fantastic skill to have, especially if you are looking to set apart your Instagram account from the other profiles out there. Photography courses help you develop a keen eye for photography, from choosing subjects to composition. On top of that, photography helps you develop other skills that you can use outside of photography: attention to detail, innovative thinking, and more.

Learn the tricks of the trade from one of the country’s rising photographers. The Study’s Trick of Light: Photography and Lighting is a photography short course that helps students learn the fundamentals of photography from Joey Alvero, whose photographs have been exhibited in places like the Outerspace Gallery, West Gallery PH, and the Metropolitan Museum of Manila.


Gardening as a hobby has been booming in recent years thanks to succulent plants easy-to-care-for species. In fact, you may know more than a handful of people in your own office taking care of succulents on their desks. Gardening helps us reconnect with nature, something important for those living in the urban jungle. This is why many people who are into gardening often say that the hobby allows them to clear their mind and relax more than other hobbies.

Start your own indoor garden at home or at the office. The Study in partnership with SMARTYPLANTSPH invites everyone to join the String Gardens and Succulents, a short course that puts the spotlight on designing a thriving indoor garden using two methods: kokedamas and plated succulents.


In general, cooking is a life skill that everyone should have in their repertoire. However, there are also different levels of “cooking”. There are those who cook out of necessity and there are those who love food and cooking that their passion pours onto the plate. Preparing restaurant-quality food from scratch can be more therapeutic than you might initially think. It can also be incredibly fulfilling to see other people thoroughly enjoy a meal you prepared. If learning how to cook is something that interests you, there are two highly recommended areas you should focus on:

  1. Breakfast and/or Brunch

    Add some pizzazz to your first meal of the day! For the most part, breakfast and brunch food seem simple to make–but taking these dishes to the next level in terms of taste and presentation requires a bit of skill. A cooking class centered around breakfast recipes helps you master various cooking skills that turn ordinary dishes into extraordinary delicacies that can rival the options at your favorite local restaurant.

    Make breakfast and brunch the highlights of your week. The Study’s Brunch and Breakfast Favorites is a short course to teach home cooks the necessary skills to create stunning breakfast and brunch menus. Learn from experienced chefs and start adding some flair to the start of your day every day!

  2. Desserts

    It’s no secret that we Filipinos absolutely adore our sweets, which is why dessert is often as highly anticipated as a main course. If you love your Filipino desserts, you may want to try your hand at making your very own delectable desserts from scratch. In fact, dessert making is a very practical hobby to have since you can use your dessert skills to prepare stunning homemade desserts for parties and other social gatherings. For the more entrepreneurial dessert lovers out there, a dessert making class also offers a chance to start a small business!

    Change the way you see dessert time with The Study’s Modern Filipino Desserts. The short course helps students rediscover our country’s tasty desserts, but elevated to fit the aesthetics of the 21st century. Master Filipino dessert recipes that will leave anyone and everyone impressed.